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Cajun-inspired seafood restaurant opens in South Norwalk

A new Cajun seafood restaurant in Norwalk is opening today, but not under its original name.

RHK Seafood Boil and Bar at 19 N. Water St. was initially to be called Red Hook Seafood Boil, but owner Ockyheon Byeon, who also operates RoundK in New York City, elected to make the connection between the two operations more overt.

“After careful consideration, a review of our menu and concept, as well as more collaboration than initially expected with our sister business in New York City, Red Hook will open and operate under the name ‘RHK Seafood Boil and Bar,’” Byeon said.

“This merges the new South Norwalk product ‘R’ with our existing Round K Café ‘K’ brand, with the ‘H’ in the middle as the bridge between the two.”

The new restaurant offers Cajun-inspired seafood boils and what it calls “new American flavors,” as well as custom milkshakes and coffee beverages.

The seafood boil allows diners to select their locally sourced seafood and sides and customize the seasonings and heat level, before the cooked-to-order boil arrives at the table wrapped in a plastic bag with plastic bibs and gloves for what Byeon called “a fun, interactive and messy meal.”

Initially offering lunch and dinner service, RHK is planning to add weekend brunches in the near future.

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