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Survey: 4 in 10 Americans feel safe with indoor restaurant dining


As the restaurant industry slowly works to regain its footing after months of pandemic-induced losses, a new survey conducted by ValuePenguin.com finds that nearly half of Americans are comfortable in returning to indoor dining.

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The survey, which polled 1,034 adults between Oct. 2-6, found four in 10 respondents stating they felt safe having meals inside of a restaurant. However, that was less than the 67% of respondents who felt it was safe to getting takeout meals and 58% who felt safe dining outdoors.

The survey also found that men were more comfortable with dining indoors than women: 46% of men felt it was safe and 41% said it was unsafe. In comparison, 34% of women felt dining indoors was safe and 48% believed it was unsafe.

As for activities that were still considered unsafe, the survey’s respondents cited attending a sporting event (60%), dropping in on party with about 50 people (59%) and going to the gym (54%).

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  1. Cuomo and Deblasio missed a golden opportunity this summer to open restaurants and the NY economy in general. Now with the recent COVID spikes, most restaurants will be lucky to survive and most will close permanently.

    Great job Andy! Why doesn’t Cuomo think its important for people to work or have jobs?


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