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Ray Dalio blames breakdown of educational initiative on ‘one bad Republican politician’

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio has made his first public comments on the dissolution of his multimillion-dollar educational initiative with Connecticut’s state government, blaming the endeavor’s breakdown on a “political problem” involving a pair of Republican legislators.

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The Westport-based hedge fund executive posted a statement on his Twitter account to primarily pin the death of the Partnership for Connecticut on an unidentified Republican member of the initiative’s board.

According to Dalio, there was “one bad Republican politician who was hellbent on hurting the Democratic governor (who she wants to run against) that she would not abide by the board’s agreement to work things out within the board and to go with the group’s decisions. Instead, she regularly broke confidences and leaked distorted stories to some media folks who wanted to write sensationalistic stories. She did this in coordination with another Republican who wanted to do this with her to achieve their shared political objective.”

While Dalio did not identify either person in his tweet, his wife, Barbara, outed them as Rep. Themis Klarides and Rep. Vincent Candelora in a press statement issued by Gov. Ned Lamont’s office that announced the end of the partnership.

Although Dalio used his tweet to acknowledge that corrosive partisan behavior is not exclusive to one party, he nonetheless lamented that “this is just another example of the dysfunction and damage that is coming from politicians and the media who work together to selfishly and sensationalistically fight rather than selflessly work together for the common good.”


  1. The bill was probably onerous leftist agenda, or some cushy goodies for Ray and company tucked away in the fine print. Notice how he had his wife out the legislators to avoid legal issues. Typical Democrat trick, blame Republicans when you can’t pass all the bill loaded with waste and grift. Always name it disguised as “for the children”. Ray has more money than god, let him write a check if he’s feeling so generous!

    • So, make up some possible scenarios with no fact behind them, and then use that as basis for blame. this didn’t have anything to do with a bill – this was about the terms of use for donated money allocated to schools. there was a committee designed to make decisions, and the members ignored that model.

      “just write a check” – and who gets to determine how that is spent? that’s exactly what the committee was for.

      when did republicans become the conspiracy theory party?


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