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Dear Healthcare workers


Dear Healthcare workers –

Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear scrubs’ – this viral quote is so true, and has been embraced by millions globally today. Indeed, your courage, selflessness and dedication are humbling, and there are no words to adequately thank you for all that you do.

Display of courage does not mean absence of fear. Understandably, just like everyone else, you also face fear for your families well being, fear for the loss of basic needs of life, more importantly,  fear for your own health and well being. However, it is remarkable, in amidst of all of these, you continue to work really hard under difficult and extraordinary circumstances to serve others.

Truly, there could be no higher calling in life, than where you risk your own life to save others. When we see you putting in long extended hours, and the dangers you are putting yourselves through, all we can say is that your commitment in putting people first, is absolutely huge.

You are also a great leadership model. Your behavior and character, is what is lifting many people up during these times. There are no leadership teaching moments in a crisis, but only hands-on leadership action moments. You showcase your leadership by finding what people are doing well, complement and encourage them. Such is what will keep your colleagues motivated during these times.

You, and your colleagues, are in our thoughts and prayers every day. There is no way to put into words how much you are appreciated, loved and supported by millions of people around the world. You risk your life everyday to save strangers, and we will forever be grateful. We pray that no terrible disasters will strike you or your home, and that God will command his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will carry you in their arms, and keep you safe. 

You are our real heroes. Be safe.

Filson Thomas
Archegos Leadership Consulting
Leadership Excellence and Development
Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

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