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Mastercard, PepsiCo and Morgan Stanley give $1.1M toward local COVID-19 fight

PepsiCo Mastercard
Some of the White Plains Hospital team that treated coronavirus victims.

Mastercard and PepsiCo today announced the formation of a community partnership called Westchester Strong with Healthcare Heroes (WSWHH) that will provide immediate help to White Plains Hospital and support its staff in the fight against COVID-19.

White Plains Hospital reports having treated more than 1,000 coronavirus patients since the pandemic hit the county.

WSWHH was launched with a $1 million, two-year fund established by Mastercard of Harrison and PepsiCo of Purchase. In addition, Morgan Stanley announced a $100,000 donation to the hospital.

Susan Fox, president and CEO of the hospital said, “This display of philanthropic solidarity from Westchester businesses is incredible. For global companies like PepsiCo, Mastercard and Morgan Stanley to reach out and ask how they can help their local hospital shows how strong this community is and echoes the spirit of the thousands of community members who have supported our staff through efforts both big and small.”

In the initial phase, the program will help fund vital supplies such as personal protective equipment, as well as supporting the hospital’s efforts to meet government requirements to increase its capacity. Hospitals in New York state were ordered to increase by at least 50% their bed capacity early in the crisis when it appeared likely that the number of patients would far exceed the number of hospital beds.

“We are humbled to help White Plains Hospital provide vital resources to keep neighbors safe during COVID-19,” said Jon Banner, president of the PepsiCo Foundation and executive vice president for global communications at the company. “Our thousands of local PepsiCo employees are grateful to the hospital’s staff and management for serving on the frontlines during this pandemic and keeping all of us strong.”

Shamina Singh, executive vice president of sustainability and president of the Mastercard Impact Fund, said, “We hope that this new fund provides the relief and support that they need to continue to respond and ultimately recover from this crisis.”

Joan Steinberg, global head of philanthropy at Morgan Stanley, said, “This situation requires urgent action to provide relief to areas heavily impacted by the virus, and at Morgan Stanley, we believe it is our responsibility to help protect the most vulnerable and put the full weight of our resources behind a comprehensive COVID-19 response.”

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