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Helping organizations with virtual event planning


Fully Integrated Online Event Platform
High quality production and design features improve audience participation.

Single Source Event Planning and Production
A team of experienced professionals to plan and manage your event.

Improved Engagement
Increase visibility and drive engagement with supporters, donors and sponsors.

Advanced Reporting
Improved capability to evaluate event outcomes and plan future events.

For more information contact Robert Sanders, the Managing Director of HRG:
(914) 438 – 1552 • info@hrginc.net

A Wide Range of Event Management Services Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs

An easy-to-use, online location for your event. Increase engagement with registration, tickets, video, fund meter, sponsorships, donations, online auctions, online journal, polling, surveys, exhibitor section, breakout sessions, and text to donate all in one place.

Concept, theme, goal setting, timelines, partnerships, scheduling, logistics, honoree selection and coordination, and remote site coordination.

Filming, live recording, integration with social media, audience engagement, pre-event videos with presenters, honorees, and interviews (prerecorded and live).

Design & Logistics 
Venue coordination and on-site setup, remote participation, branding, scheduling, run of show, and coordination with production team.

Coordinating and securing hosts/emcees, remote and/or recorded entertainment, and podcasts.

Online Event Hub 
Keep participants engaged and increase support with all event activities in one place.

Comprehensive and detailed summaries on event attendee participation, donors, and sponsorship exposure.

Engage and enhance relationships with donors, sponsors and attendees.
• Event marketing
• Presentation development
• Online journals
• Sponsor development and coordination
• Donor/Sponsor engagement
• Email campaign design and management
• Social media management
• Public relations and media management

Professional video production and streaming to engage your online audience.
• Reliable communication platform
• Sponsor videos
• Remote presentation consultation
• Video editing & graphics
• Home video recording kits
• Stream live guests
• Pre-production support & rehearsals
• Live, pre-recorded, or hybrid events
• Virtual streaming engineers for full support

For more information contact Robert Sanders, the Managing Director of HRG:
(914) 438 – 1552 • info@hrginc.net

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