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Norwalk’s Ranger Ready Repellents pivots to producing hand sanitizer


Norwalk’s Ranger Ready Repellents has expanded from its line of tick and insect repellents to create Ranger Ready Hand Sanitizer, an 80% ethanol alcohol-based fine mist hand spray, utilizing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommended formula for protection from germs and bacteria, when handwashing is not available.

“We’re in the business of saving lives from vector-borne diseases caused by mosquitos and ticks, and we see this as a parallel path to protect people from serious illness,” Ranger Ready founder and CEO Chris L. Fuentes said. “We recognize that in this time of urgent need we have to be innovative and resourceful.”

The Ranger Ready team has been working from home across three states developing the new product, going from concept-to-shipment in three weeks.

“All of our local supply chain partners have been amazing and are working overtime to help prioritize this important product launch,” Fuentes said.

The first 20,000 units of the hand sanitizers are expected to ship on April 10 and are being made available exclusively to the state of Connecticut for use by emergency medical services, hospitals and first responders.

“We will manufacture and distribute Ranger Ready Hand Sanitizers for as long as required in order to help keep people protected,” Fuentes said.

The product will be available for direct purchase exclusively at www.rangerready.com and is available for preorder by consumers and businesses.

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