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CT and NY rank low among states for gender pay equality in tech jobs


When it comes to the pay gap between men and women in the high-tech industries, Connecticut and New York rank among the lowest states in regard to income equality.

pay equalityAccording to a study released by Dice.com, a website for technology careers, Connecticut ranked 45th among the states with a $9,203 salary difference between men and women in high-tech jobs. New York ranked 43rd with an $8,914 salary difference. Utah ranked last with a $16,871 gap. Minnesota was the sole state where women in tech jobs earned more than men by taking home an average of $3,929 extra in their annual incomes.

Among the different professions within the tech industry, the average gender pay difference is highest for mainframe systems programmers ($16,328), DevOps engineers ($15,077) and security architects ($14,134). The jobs where the average gender pay difference favors women, include technical writers ($6,443), network engineer ($4,836) and systems architect ($2,446).

“Despite recent pushes for gender pay equality, issues persist in the tech industry,” said Sudekum, content strategist at Dice.com. “These gender pay gaps between men’s and women’s salaries exist even when other factors, including experience, roles, education and location are controlled for. Despite the past and continuing contributions that women make in technology, the tech industry isn’t leading in this particular arena. In short, there is much work to be done.”

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