Home Crime Bridgeport tax preparer pleads guilty to concocting fraudulent returns

Bridgeport tax preparer pleads guilty to concocting fraudulent returns


The owner of a Bridgeport tax preparation service who faced federal charges of preparing fraudulent returns for her clients has waived her right to indictment and pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and assisting the filing of a false tax return.

bridgeport tax preparerVeronica Huitzil, the owner of Huitzil Tax Services, was accused of putting together tax returns between 2014 and 2018 that contained multiple intentional falsehoods, including nonexistent dependents, losses for fictitious businesses and inflated or fabricated charitable deductions, medical expenses and employee business expenses. With her guilty plea, Huitzil agreed that her actions resulted in a fraud totaling $898,665.

Huitzil faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison. She is released pending sentencing on May 6. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Connecticut noted that many of her clients will need to amend their filed tax returns, adding that the amount of Huitzil’s restitution may be reduced as her clients resolve their own tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service.

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  1. This is becoming a trend in the industry and is unfortunately affecting the client in the end. Once the return is corrected, the client will need to pay back the portion of the return that was fraudulently prepared. It is hard to tell if the client knows exactly what the preparer is doing to increase the return, but in the end, they need to pay back with interest.

  2. Esta , mujer es un fraude , según ella te cobra lo que el IRS tede, auna gente les cobraba $120 a otros $150 otros hasta $400 , lastima que la gente pague los platos rotos por gente tan ambiciosa, como esta tipa .

    • Hahaha… todos sabían… cuando uno ve el dinero, la consciencia sale por la ventana!!! La gente no es la víctima. Si no querían el dinero, hubieran dicho no!!! Haha usen el cerebro!


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