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Lippolis Electric inc. – 2018 Family-Owned Business Winner

How has your company grown since you’ve won? 
We have established a new division, Home Systems, which will focus on providing full-service residential and commercial custom electronics design and integrations solutions. From lighting control to home theater design, our smart home automation solutions will make our customer’s homes safe, elegant, fun, and easier to use. In addition, we have undertaken a more determined marketing campaign which has opened the doors for us in many different areas. Lippolis Electric continues to be awarded large commercial projects within the five boroughs of New York and Westchester which has helped to increase our business. And most importantly, our family has grown.  I now have two beautiful granddaughters, Sophia and Briana, who mean the world to me and who one day, will be joining the Lippolis family business.
What will the business look like in the next few years? 
Over the next few years the business will focus more on safety, service, and sustainability. We will continue to grow our safety programs for electrical contractors and hopefully use it to train other companies and trades. Our goals for 2020 are to continue to provide expert, professional and prompt service, continue to ensure that each job is done on time, on budget and is to the satisfaction of our clients, and that we have the best professional customer service department in the industry.
What tips for success would you give other family-owned businesses? 
We set three-year business plans, track our business activity against those plans, and modify them when necessary. I believe that if you don’t set goals you have no way of measuring yourself, your team, or your company’s progress. Always look to improve the ways you are doing things and look for ways that you could do things better. Whether it is your relationship building, communication or management skills, improve on them every day.  Keep abreast on what going on within your industry. Read and read more.  Books on managing your business, self- improvement, sports, golf etc. to keep the mind fresh and top of mind. Get involved.  Be determined, self-sufficient and fearless. Doing this ultimately drives greater profitability and makes a better you.
Do you have any traditions passed along in your family-owned business? 
Throughout the years, my motto has been – Come to work every day and work hard to develop and maintain relationships with our customers.  Always say thank you for every piece of business that we do and enjoy what you do. We can do it all, from changing a light bulb to building a sky scraper.  No job is too small or too large for us to handle. Lastly, continue to communicate with employees, listen to them and be engaged in all projects.
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