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Connecticut and New York top two surveys by moving companies for outward migration


A pair of moving companies issued their annual surveys of states with the greatest inbound and outbound migration – and Connecticut and New York ranked in the top 10 for both companies’ lists of states with the greatest levels of outbound migration.

United Van Lines’ 2019 National Movers Study ranked New York third and Connecticut fourth among the states with the highest outbound migration activity last year – only New Jersey and Illinois experienced more residents moving out of state. North American Van Lines’ 2019 Migration Report ranked Connecticut as eighth and New York as tenth among the states that recorded the greatest residential exoduses in the past year.

The new surveys follow a U.S. Census Bureau analysis that found New York and Connecticut losing their populations in the period between July 2018 and July 2019. New York, the nation’s fourth-most populous state, recorded the greatest population decline during this 12-month period with a loss of 76,790 residents. Connecticut ranked fifth among the states with a shrinking population, with 6,233 fewer people at the conclusion of the 12-month period. In contrast, 40 states and the District of Columbia saw population increases.

And where are people moving? Both United Van Lines and North American Moving Services pegged Idaho as the top ranked state for inbound migration in 2019.

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