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Henkel taps ‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D as brand ambassador for Göt2b hair styling line


Henkel’s Göt2b hair styling product line has signed a two-year brand partnership with Pauly D, star of MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore.”

Henkel PaulyD
Paul DelVecchio, aka Pauly D, is the new brand ambassador for Henkel’s Göt2b hair product. Illustration by Bob Rozycki

Under the terms of the partnership, Pauly D – the nom de tube for Paul DelVecchio – will serve as the product’s brand ambassador for digital and social media marketing. The product will also feature limited edition packaging featuring Pauly D-inspired artwork.

Following the 2009-2012 run for “Jersey Shore,” Pauly D has appeared in several reality television programs, including a 2018 cast reunion series, and has been active as a disc jockey and singer. His trademark “blowout” hairstyle was credited to a liberal use of Henkel’s brand of Glued hair gel.

Henkel’s North American headquarters are in Stamford.

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