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Frontier Communications taps Bernard Han for chief executive role

Frontier Communications Corp. has announced the appointment of Bernard L. Han as president and CEO. Han, who will also become a member of the board of directors, succeeds Daniel McCarthy, who is leaving the Norwalk-based company.

Frontier Communications Bernard Han
Bernard Han comes to Frontier from DISH Network. Illustration by Bob Rozycki

Han comes to Frontier from DISH Network, where he served as executive vice president of strategic planning from 2016 to 2018 and was chief operating officer from 2010 to 2016 and chief financial officer from 2006 to 2010. Earlier in his career, he was CFO at Northwest Airlines and CFO and chief marketing officer at America West Airlines.

“Bernie is a proven industry leader who has a broad-based background with a long track record of developing organizational talent and enhancing financial and operational performance while driving and navigating strategic shifts in the industry,” said Pamela D. A. Reeve, independent chairwoman of Frontier’s board of directors.

“He brings a disciplined approach to operations management, having led turnaround initiatives at DISH Network that increased profitability, enhanced customer experiences and reduced churn rate. The finance committee and entire board are confident that, as CEO, Bernie will further Frontier’s efforts to drive operational improvements in our business while continuing to evaluate the company’s capital structure.”


  1. I agree I am going through the same lack of service. My mom is without service, 87 and lives alone. Will be over 2 weeks for someone to come. TV is my next move to have everyone know they do not care about safety.

  2. The installer refused to install service at my appointment time even when offered to be walked to the front door by security. He said it’s his last call and he is going home. He was on site at my building. Your company refuses to install services at an escalation level even when your I installer won’t do there job no apologies. Just excuses. I want services installed today not tomorrow not Thursday today!!!

    My FRONTIER: Thank you for your order! For reference, your order number is72139796. Your scheduled appointment is on 01/23/2020 01:00 PM – 05:00 PM. As a reminder, someone 18 or over will need to be present. Reply ‘CONFIRM’ to confirm your appointment. Need to reschedule? Reply ‘CHANGE’. To cancel your order, reply ‘CANCEL’.

  3. Frontier sucks been trying to deal with them for two weeks and all I get is the run around from everyone. Schedule service guy to come out and never showed up. Called them about 10 times and got hung up on about 6 of those times. Please take note not to go to frontier service and consumer service sucks.

  4. I put in a disconnect order on 10/22/2019
    order #40750997
    Then a payment was collected 10/31/2019 for $54.12.
    I called Tn office and was told a final bill come in November, 2019.
    No final bill in November, and I was billed again $54.12 December 2, 2019.
    I called Frontier again and found out disconnect order was cancelled because we got disconnected. I spent 16 minutes 18 seconds and then another 5 minutes 28 seconds October 22, 2019. The phone was to be disconnected the next day. but instead I’m charged two more times.
    I then filed a dispute (case #S 71565889), Luke said check back in 3 billing cycles.
    I called today (2/11/2020) and spent 30 minutes on the phone to be told account is closed, we can’t refund any money because account is closed.
    Call corporate and hangs up.
    I get on line, chat with “Mary”. I copied conversation. She says, “disputes take time, also there is queue as you are not the only customer requesting for disputes.” and they should be contacting you not you contacting them.
    Well, I’m contacting the CEO Mr. Han if i don’t get an answer today.

  5. I don’t want moderation… I want my money refunded. Your company did wrong and trying to rip me off. I’m 90 years old… I don’t need this. I tried to do the right thing and because someone dropped the ball, i’m to pay…..NO

  6. Thia service sucks balls. Every night the system goes down. No possible way to contact anybody via email. Everytime I call is a waste of time. Tech support wants me to believe that its a loose connection that only happens at night. Or if the sky has clouds it hurts the hard wired system. If somebody really reads these give me a call. If no response I’ll ditch the service and use somebody else. The only time the problem was corrected for a period of time is when one of your service people said I wasnt getting the amount of band width I was paying for and he increased it. Now the same issue is back. Why not just give us the band width we pay for?

  7. This service at frontier sucks been fighting for four days now about internet being down. It is very convenient that college kids have finals this week and internet service is down. We are at a stay at home order because of the Coronavirus going around and have a college kid that needs to take finals and NO internet connection. This company is a joke, when you call them is always a different story.

  8. My internet is down since April 3,2020 I can’t get any one to come fix it but they want there money.ive been in Florida since nov,2 2020. We bring our daughter to Florida for health reasons for the winter,and we’re gone 6 months, Frontier knows.i cangetsomeone to go to my house if frontierto go there to check it out but no one Wii’s go over , I’m not going to pay my bill because it’s not working since April 3 2020 so can you hearme

  9. Well he made a bad decision leaving DISH for Frontier. I worked for Frontier (IBEX) the third party call center, and I can tell you now this will be the most stressful job this man has ever had. The company Frontier might be a good company, but the third party call center they have for Frontier IS NOT GOOD! There are so many pending law suits starting with non payment to workers all the way to sexual harassment. A supervisor was “relocated” to another Ibex after beating an Agent he got pregnant all because his wife found out, and then they had the nerve to hire the man back at the facility he was sleeping with the agent at. Frontier might be good, but Ibex is horrible.

  10. Customer service is terrible. They have no problem taking your money passing you along and never calling you back. I have had over a dozen people I have spoke to and not one person returns a call. My internet still drops. I never received any resolution to this problem.
    Has any one had any success in getting help?
    If your debating using this company “Run” !!!

  11. Where do I start. I live in Glenwood, WV. It is now 7/11/20. Since July 1st my land line has only worked 4days of this month. I have called twice this month to get this issue resolved. The first time it was fixed, lasted 4days. Called again, still not fixed. This has been an ongoing issue for at least a year. I live in a area that my cell phone service is spotty and would love to be able to rely on my land line. I am not sure why this issue can not get resolved any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Wow glad to know I’m not alone. I just had someone from their engineering department tell me that his time is more valuable and that he’s not coming back to my house again because it’s too far for him. Super condescending and rude. This is 4th visit to my home and know body can seem to get it right. I give up they are incompetent and unable to function properly to provide me service.

  13. Don
    I have had several ‘chats’ with Jesus, Brian and Jinena. All three have been VERY helpful although it has taken many days to get past all the blockages. I can finally get into my email but without major setbacks. I due appreciate the kind and patient care these three have provided.


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