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Diageo debuts AI platform for help in choosing whiskies

Do you need assistance selecting the right single malt Scotch whisky to satiate your imbibing hours? Diageo is now offering assistance to whisky lovers via an online tool that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with old-fashioned mixology-and-match logic.

Diageo whisky AI artificial intelligenceConsumers tapping into the company’s new “What’s Your Whisky” platform are asked to answer 11 questions related to favorite foods – chilies, dried apricots, orange juice, bananas, piña colada and raisin bran cereals.

The consumer provides answers ranked on a five-point scale ranging from angry rejection to ethereal embrace. The AI and machine learning technologies take over at the end of the survey, calculating the user’s preferred tastes as falling with quadrants ranked “smoky,” “fruity,” “spicy” and “sweet.”

At the end of the quiz, a slate of Diageo single malt Scotch whisky suggestions is presented to meet the user’s specific tastes.

“The ‘What’s Your Whisky’ mobile experience allows consumers to explore a wide range of our single malts in a personalized and completely new way,” said Andy Parton, senior regional manager for Diageo, which has its North American headquarters in Norwalk. “We’re excited to roll this out at scale and help many thousands of people find their perfect whisky based on the innovative FlavorPrint AI technology.”


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