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Gov. Lamont debuts online resource highlighting Connecticut’s opportunity zones


Gov. Ned Lamont has unveiled an online resource designed to attract investment in Connecticut’s opportunity zones, including the launch of an online tool designed to attract investment in Connecticut.

Lamont opportunity zones
Gov. Lamont previewing the new website.

The new site offers a searchable database of endeavors including shovel-ready projects and transit-oriented development. Cities and towns in the opportunity zones will update the site with news and data regarding local projects. The opportunity zones were created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to incentivize long-term investment in struggling areas. Connecticut has 72 opportunity zones in 27 municipalities.

“A lot of states want to take this approach, but only a handful are able to actually get it implemented,” said Lamont, who announced the website’s debut during a conference in New Haven.

“We’ve seen the markets respond positively to our recent efforts to fix our transit, stabilize our state budget, and responsibly manage our debt. We’ve also heard from a lot of new investors about their renewed interest demonstrated by the range of new projects launched over the last year. It’s a smart time to look at what Connecticut has to offer, including its top-notch schools, talented workforce and convenient geography.”

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