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CT attorney general seeks federal cooperation on achieving clean energy goals

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong has teamed with attorneys general from nine states and the District of Columbia to seek broader cooperation from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on state-level efforts to transition to a cleaner energy future.

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In a letter sent to FERC commissioners, the attorneys general argued that FERC’s actions and decisions can significantly impact the states’ abilities to meet their respective climate and clean energy goals. The coalition called on FERC to promote market design choices that recognize the rights of states under federal law to grow their clean energy resources and to assist the states by eliminating barriers to competition for renewable energy generators, energy storage, energy efficiency, demand response and other clean energy technologies.

Furthermore, the attorneys general called on FERC to conduct a comprehensive assessment of climate impacts and all reasonable clean energy alternatives when evaluating proposed new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to use its oversight authority to ensure that the operators of regional electric grids and other regulated entities are fostering participation, transparency, independence and responsiveness to states, consumers and other stakeholders.

“Connecticut has committed to a carbon free electric grid by 2040, but we can’t get there with FERC tying our hands,” Tong said. “FERC’s markets actively suppress investment in renewable generation at a time when we need to be doing everything we can to expedite this transition. We can no longer afford to ignore the real and increasing costs of climate change when evaluating new energy infrastructure. FERC needs to be a partner, not a barrier to progress.”

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