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Nyack law firm criticized for black pumpkin display

A Nyack law firm trying to get into the Halloween spirit found itself at the center of a controversy for displaying pumpkins that some people viewed as being racially offensive.

Photo courtesy News 12.

Earlier this week, the firm of Feerick, Nugent, and MacCartney used space outside of its office to display a pair of jack-o’-lanterns that were painted black with white eyes, noses and grinning mouths with the words “Feerick” and “Nugent.”

The pumpkins drew criticism from some community members and Wilbur Aldridge, the regional director at the NAACP, criticized the firm for a display that he said showed “an extreme lack of sensitivity.”

Mary Marzolla, a partner at the law firm, told News 12 Westchester that the display was removed after receiving complaints, adding that the firm represents “people of all colors and faiths, and we would never do anything to exclude anyone from any community.”

The law firm purchased the blackface pumpkins from Bed, Bath & Beyond, which sold them through its website. The company issued a statement that said, “This is a sensitive area and, though unintentional, we apologize for any offense caused. We immediately removed the item from sale.”


  1. Oh for God’s sake. Will everyone grow up and let the world move on. Before you know it we will all be living in a plastic bubble so no one can touch us.

    • I agree but I’m not Black so I shouldn’t weigh in. I’ve seen black pumpkins in the grocery because Halloween is black and orange.
      The NAACP might want to look into the hiring practices of the YMCA as itbalways seems to he White at the top but the greeting team dominantly Black.

  2. What next? Before you know it, no one will be able to wear black clothes or drive a black car?? So ridiculous, this racist crap is getting out of control. its a damn black pumpkin!!! I bet if it were a white pumpkin with a face on it, no one would care and it definitely would NOT be an issue! Halloween will probably be ban next! All of the Zombies and monsters or oops I mean “Halloween characters” might get offended!
    btw, that is not meant to be a racist remark, but I’m pretty sure my comment will be taken that way. People are so stupid and disgustingly over sensitive, it makes me sick.

    • I totally agree with you KB. Jack-o-lanterns traditionally had faces carved into them. What difference does it make what color the darn things are? They’re for Halloween. I highly doubt anyone has been displaying them with the intent to be racist. The fact that retail stores are pulling the items from their shelves just condones the idiocy of the stupid people offended by the color of them. Well, maybe that offends me! But who cares, right?

  3. These ‘professional victims’ only have what passes for credibility IF you give it to them. Ever thought of boycotting the advertisers that the media relies on when they promote this rubbish? It may take a while to have effect but it’s a start.

  4. I am sorry this is ridiculous. Its not like they had big red lips or makings them look derogatory as a black person. Its Halloween black and orange …I think they look cool.


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