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Two Roads Brewing Co. in Stratford recalls two beer brands


Stratford-based Two Roads Brewing Co. has announced a voluntary product withdrawal of its Lil’ Heaven and Lil’ Juicy beers that were canned between Aug. 21 and Sept. 14.

Two Roads brewery stratford recallIn a press statement, the company said the recall was taking place because the beers had a “noticeable sulfur-like aroma” and an unpleasant taste, although it added “there are no health or safety risks involved with the consumption of this beer.” The company is also recalling its Variety 12-Pack Beer Bus canned in August and September because Lil’ Heaven was included in its selection. However, bottled and kegged Lil’ Heaven and Lil’ Juicy are unaffected and will remain in retail circulation.

“Two Roads is rapidly working with all distributors and retailers to remove all questionable beer from our system, including the destruction of identified beers at our brewery, removal of these brews from our distributors’ warehouses, and return of the beer from retail locations,” said the company in its press statement. “With fresh beer being packaged starting in October our distribution network will begin working to replace beer quickly at that time.”

Consumers can apply for a refund on the affected products on the Two Roads website.

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