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Stamford’s UVeye bringing AI technology to auto inspection

Photo courtesy UVeye.

UVeye, an Israeli company with U.S. headquarters in Stamford, has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) product line designed to improve the automobile inspection process.

According to the company, its products use proprietary cloud architecture, sensor fusion, machine-learning and smart algorithms to automatically check chassis components, bodywork and tires, with the entire process taking seconds to complete.

The company’s products include Atlas, which offers a 360-inspection system that scans sheet metal and other external body components and windows; Artemis, which checks tire wear and quality, including tire pressure, tread wear and sidewall flaws; and Helios, a scanning system that identifies problems in the vehicle’s underbody.

UVeye stated that has already deployed its technology at automobile manufacturers Volvo, Skoda, Daimler and Toyota Tsusho, adding that it is working with five additional companies to develop vehicle-inspection systems on assembly lines and at dealerships around the world.

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