Home Economy New business formation heating up in Fairfield County

New business formation heating up in Fairfield County


The pace of new businesses planning to open in Fairfield County is heating up, according to data from the Secretary of the State.

During the first six months of 2019, net business starts – a sum calculated by subtracting businesses that were dissolved or whose applications were withdrawn from the number of those formed or registered – within Fairfield County was 5,730. If that pace continues, the county would end this year with roughly 11% more net business starts than in 2018.

Net business starts last year totaled 10,309, compared with 9,842 in 2017 and 9,725 in 2016.

The upward trend also holds true for the state at large, which totaled 15,620 net business starts through June of this year. Connecticut logged 27,604 in 2018; 25,780 in 2017; and 24,803 in 2016.

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