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Greenburgh nixes Edgemont incorporation proposal for 2nd time

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.

A petition for a referendum vote on making the hamlet of Edgemont into a village has been rejected by the town of Greenburgh.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner cited a number of reasons for denying the petition – the second to be filed by the Edgemont Incorporation Committee, following an unsuccessful bid in 2017 – including conflicting evidence over the boundaries over the proposed village and that many of the approximately 1,700 signatures could be considered outdated, as they were collected in 2017.

Feiner said that it was possible some of those who signed the petition could have changed their mind since, citing the existence of an opposition group, Keep Edgemont Inc.

The Incorporation Committee blasted Feiner for using “his limited ministerial authority to adopt extreme and nonsensical interpretations of New York State law. In doing so, he is blocking his own constituents from voting on their preferred form of self-governance, a troubling development for the 43,000 unincorporated area residents who pay the majority of Town taxes but represent a minority of the Town-wide electorate.”

The group said it is evaluating its future options, which could include filing a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court to challenge Feiner’s decision.

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