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Study names Bridgeport the worst U.S. city for renters


A new study released by WalletHub has named Bridgeport as the worst city in the country for renters.

The WalletHub study analyzed the rental market in 182 cities using 23 factors ranging from the cost of living, employment opportunities and the difference between rental rates and mortgage payments. Bridgeport ranked third-to-last for its rent-to-price ratio, second-to-last for rental market affordability and 145th for quality of life considerations.

The only other Connecticut city in the study, New Haven, ranked second-to-last in the overall ratings. Yonkers was the only Westchester city included in the study, and it earned a 114th overall rating.

As for the top five cities for renters, WalletHub determined those favored cities were Scottsdale, Arizona; Overland Park, Kansas; Bismarck, North Dakota; Gilbert, Arizona; and Lincoln, Nebraska.

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