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Yonkers’ alpha-Encorp receives $1M grant for battery technology

alpha encore NYSERDA YonkersYonkers-based alpha-Encorp has received a $1 million technology development grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for its  battery technology that can be used in diverse applications ranging from electric vehicles to portable electronics.

The company stated that its patented electrodeposition method produces thin films of highly pure lithium on myriad substrates that can be used in the creation of next-generation batteries.

Current lithium ion batteries require lithium graphite anodes, but a lower weight and higher efficiency alternative to the lithium graphite anode is being developed by alpha-Encorp with the goal of expanding the environmental benefits associated with electric vehicle batteries. Alpha-Encore stated that is aiming to automate its process for manufacturing purposes.

“We are delighted and honored that NYSERDA has chosen our patented and proprietary technology to be worthy of its support,” said Jerome Feldman, executive chairman of alpha-Encorp. “This is another milestone for our company in its mission to change the way energy is stored and utilized. Next-generation batteries will have a very significant role in shaping the way we live, drive and communicate in the future and alpha-Encorp’s technology will be in the center driving that change. So, we will continue to execute our strategy and as a result change the battery industry and create shareholder value.”

“I look forward to watching this project develop as energy storage has tremendous potential to impact the lives of millions of New Yorkers through numerous applications including helping to modernize and provide resiliency to our electric grid,” said Alicia Barton, president and CEO of NYSERDA.


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