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BIC launches gender-neutral line of razors

BIC has introduced a direct-to-consumer line of razors, Made For YOU – one brand for both men and women. The refillable razor system is the first of the brand’s products to launch exclusively on Amazon.

The French company, whose North American headquarters is in Shelton, said the move was in response to research showing that consumers are looking for the best products to meet their needs regardless of whether they’re marketed toward men or women. According to a 2018 report, it said 67% of people aged 18 to 24 are interested in using genderless personal care products.

According to Mary Fox, general manager of BIC North America, “With shave clubs and other grooming brands, we know consumers have choices, but the Made For YOU razor system combines everything this consumer is looking for: exceptional performance, terrific value, an inclusive platform and the most seamless shopping experience; thanks to our relationship with Amazon.”

The Made For YOU razor system’s design includes a metal handle, five flexible blades, a lubrication strip, and an edging blade. Starting at $8.99, the razor system is available in four colors: nickel, teal, navy, and white.


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