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Stamford’s ISG partners with UK-based Thoughtonomy

ISG Stamford
ISG headquarters in Stamford. Photo by Michael Cummo / Hearst Media

Information Services Group (ISG), a Stamford-based technology research and advisory firm, has entered into a new partnership with the British intelligent automation platform provider Thoughtonomy.

With this new partnership, ISG clients will be able to access Thoughtonomy’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that combines software robotics and artificial intelligence to deliver cloud-based automation resources. Thoughtonomy’s SaaS platform provides a pool of cloud-based intelligent digital workers that can perform the repetitive, time-intensive tasks that often slow down office operations. The company supports more than 200 clients in multiple industries across 29 countries.

“We are excited to be partnering with Thoughtonomy to help our clients accelerate the frictionless deployment of a digital workforce across front, middle and back-office functions,” Michael P. Connors, chairman and CEO of ISG, said in a statement. “Our clients are looking to ISG for advice on how to quickly scale their automation programs. We see great potential in helping them do that with Thoughtonomy’s innovative, cloud-based solution.”

“Enterprises across the globe are searching for a way to scale the business impact of automation strategies,” added Terry Walby, CEO of Thoughtonomy. “This fundamentally requires a shift in mindset from adopting automation tools as a quick-fix tactic to one that recognizes the value of intelligent automation as a strategic asset that will drive long-term business transformation. By partnering with ISG’s global team of experts, we can help leaders pinpoint the automation-based changes that will drive highest value and act on this insight at speed.”

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