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M2 Media Group gains patent for online fundraising platform

M2 Media Group LLC has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent Office covering its fundraising platform that uses personalized storefronts and proprietary avatar technology.

The patent, No. 10,275,807, is titled “Systems and Methods for Generating Customized Avatars and Customized Online Portals.” According to the Stamford company, the platform enables young people in fundraising efforts to create an avatar of their likeness for their campaign and a personalized online selling storefront. The company added that it plans further expansion of its portfolio of patents in that area.

“We believe that this patented solution gives us strong competitive positioning in this growing market,” said Michael Borchetta, CEO of M2. “The patent award demonstrates the strength and sophistication of our team’s efforts in delivering leading edge technology.

“Our platform has revolutionized the estimated $25 billion youth fundraising industry,” he continued, “and we are focused on continuing to develop and deploy solutions that are broadly effective and applicable within this growing market vertical so that we may optimize our opportunities for growth.”

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