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PepsiCo adds fruit juice in new cola flavors


pepsi pepsicoPepsiCo has announced three new flavors for its Pepsi soda line, and for the first time the Purchase-based company is incorporating fruit juice into its cola drinks.

Pepsi Berry, Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Mango will be available in 12-packs of 12-oz. cans at national retailers through June 14, and will then be sold in 8-packs at Walmart and Target. The products join the company’s flavored colas Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Vanilla, which will receive a redesigned packaging this spring to match the design of the new cola drink cans.

“We are really excited to release these three new flavors, as they provide our fans with a flavorful new cola experience that combines the delicious flavor of an ice-cold Pepsi with a splash of real fruit juice,” said Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing at PepsiCo. “This unique twist on cola creates an unbelievably delightful taste profile that is unparalleled in the marketplace, creating a refreshing way for people to cool off in the warm weather.”

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