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Lamont and Cuomo ranked among nation’s least popular governors

lamont cuomoNed Lamont has been Connecticut’s governor since January and Andrew Cuomo has been New York’s governor since January 2011, but the political neophyte and the longtime incumbent share bottom dwellings in a new study by Morning Consult ranking the nation’s most and least popular governors.

Lamont’s 33% approval rating among Connecticut residents puts him in a tie with Kentucky’s Republican Gov. Matt Bevin for the lowest approval rate of a governor. Lamont carried an unfavorable rating of 38%, while 29% of Connecticut residents had no opinion on his first few months in office. Across the border, Cuomo carried a 49% favorability rating, with a 40% unfavorable rate and 12% undecided gap.

Factoring in the favorable and unfavorable balance, Morning Consult concluded that Cuomo was the fourth most unpopular governor in the nation and Lamont was the fifth. In comparison, Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, who became the center of controversy by refusing to resign after the discovery of racially offensive photographs in his medical school yearbook, ranked as the seventh most unpopular governor; Kentucky’s Bevin ranked as most unpopular, while Massachusetts’s Republican Gov. Charlie Baker was judged most popular with a 73% approval rating and a 14% unfavorable rating.


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