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XPO Logistics issues first-ever sustainability report


XPO Logistics has released the first sustainability report in its history, emphasizing its efforts at reducing energy use, improving the efficiency of its fleet, as well as its revised approach to employee benefits.

XPO Logistics CEO Bradley Jacobs with CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer.

The last may be especially of interest to some observers, as the Greenwich company came under fire last year for a variety of suspected labor violations, including allegations of pregnancy discrimination. In February, XPO issued a press release promoting its new pregnancy policy.

“An employee of XPO who becomes a new parent through birth or adoption can qualify for up to six weeks of 100% paid leave as the infant’s primary caregiver,” CEO Bradley Jacobs writes in the report. “Secondary caregivers can qualify for up to two weeks at 100% pay. This is in addition to significant accommodations during pregnancy.

“While pregnant, a woman can request accommodations without fear of retaliation,” Jacobs said. “Many accommodations are an ‘automatic yes,’ while more extensive work arrangements are easily determined with input from her doctor. She receives up to 20 days of 100% paid prenatal leave for health and wellness and preparations for her child’s arrival.”

Jacobs also noted that XPO guarantees that such workers will continue to be paid their regular base wage rate while their pregnancy accommodations are in effect, and that they remain eligible for wage increases.

The report also states that: programs focused on reducing energy use are in place at approximately 95% of its warehouse locations; XPO is working to build out more fuel-efficient truck fleets and actively working with customers who want to reduce their transportation emissions; and its own emissions numbers worldwide are improving, with Europe outpacing North America.

“For many customers, the transportation components of their supply chain account for a significant portion of their CO2 footprint,” according to the report. “We collaborate with contractual customers to develop action plans that reduce their emissions through tactics such as route optimization and load consolidation, and we benchmark progress against goals.”

Jacobs indicated that XPO will now produce sustainability reports annually, as do competitors UPS, FedEx and C.H. Robinson.

“One of the benefits of this inaugural process is that it helps us envision future reporting,” Jacobs wrote. “For 2019, we’ll have the opportunity to look at our performance relative to baselines and provide additional insights.”

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