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Norwalk’s 25 Van Zant St. makes new push for educational tenants

25 Van Zant St.
Artist’s rendering of the renovated 25 Van Zant St. property.

25 Van Zant St. in Norwalk is making a new push to attract trade and business school tenants by rebranding itself as the Workforce Training Center.

The 5-story, 265,000-square-foot commercial property was built in 1923 as a hat manufacturing facility. It is currently 70 percent occupied by 30 different tenants. Real estate developer Winthrop E. Baum has announced a $12.5 million budget to upgrade the building’s high-tech infrastructure, with the goal of creating an internet-of-things smart building that can accommodate the high-tech needs of remedial training, vocational training and continuing education entities. The ongoing upgrade is projected to be completed by the fall.

“Our intent is to be an integral component in developing Connecticut’s viable, educated and dedicated workforce,” Baum said. “The nation relies on trained workforce-ready personnel who are driven to become part of our growing economy. This will be a huge advantage to trade schools and companies that domicile in our future-proof building.”

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