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Michael Guberti: Four ways to reach more potential customers with Facebook

michael Guberti facebookFacebook has over 2 billion monthly active users and 1 billion daily active users. Their family of apps includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. You can advertise on these platforms to reach practically anyone. You can view real-time statistics regarding your campaign’s reach, engagement, performance and  other metrics, helping you connect the dots to see which ads created certain actions. For example, you can see which specific ad brings in the most leads for your business. From there, you can make data-driven decisions based on what your audience is responding to. You can also leverage the organic, nonpaid aspect of Facebook to spread the word about your business.

Here are four ways to grow your business with Facebook:

Run Targeted Ad Campaigns To Potential Customers
You can target people based on their interests, age range, location, gender, website behavior, household income and other factors. Test multiple audiences to determine which groups of people respond to your ad campaign. Test multiple ads to identify if your audience resonates more with certain words like “Sign Up” vs.  “Learn More” vs. “Book Now.” Additionally, review which placements create the best Cost-Per-Conversion. For example, you can identify whether Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp produces the most affordable leads.

Grow Your Messenger Subscribers
Leverage Messenger to build a list of Messenger subscribers that you can broadcast messages to. When you send someone a message in Messenger, you can appear on the lock screen of their device if they have the Messenger app installed. Seasonal messages like “Happy New Year” and “Wishing you a wonderful spring season” build goodwill and establish another touchpoint with your audience. Ensure that any message you broadcast through the platform is in compliance with Messenger’s platform policy.

Create A Facebook Contest
You can encourage people to enter your Facebook contest by providing a prize that they can enter to win if they perform certain actions. For example, throughout the month of October, you can encourage people to post a picture of their Halloween costume as a comment on your Facebook post. The person who gets the most likes by the deadline wins the contest and receives the prize. In your contest guidelines, consider including statements that ensure you have to be a client of your business to enter the contest and that you can not be a prior contest winner. These guidelines stop nonclients from entering your contests and prevent the same person from winning multiple contests. Mention that the winner has to come to your office to pick up the prize and be celebrated in a video or picture on your social media accounts. The person who wins may share the winner announcement video on their Facebook timeline.

Leverage Live Video
Nearly 2 billion people, which is about 25 percent of the world’s population have watched a Facebook Live broadcast. Real, raw video content has strong appeal for viewers. You can spotlight a new product or service, introduce a new employee or showcase your office using Facebook Live. If you’re comfortable being on camera, that can work in your favor with live broadcasts, especially if you perform them consistently. If you’re a little camera shy, perform a Facebook Live video without anyone in the video and just show your physical location. Give your viewers a virtual tour of your office. You can also answer questions that your viewers ask. At the end of your live broadcast, leave a comment on your video thanking everyone for watching and encouraging them to visit your website for more information.

Bringing It All Together
Facebook allows you to engage and grow your community of potential customers. Its family of apps has earned the time and trust of billions of people for both personal and professional reasons. Looking forward to seeing how you grow your business with Facebook.
Michael Guberti is the founder of Michael Guberti’s Digital Marketing Services, a full-service digital marketing agency. He can be reached at michael@michaelguberti.com.


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