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Stamford Health first CT hospital to offer new procedure for vertebral compression fractures


Stamford Health has become the first hospital in Connecticut to offer the SpineJack procedure, a low-risk, FDA-approved measure for patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures.

Stamford HealthThis type of fracture is caused by a collapse of a vertebra due to trauma or weakening of the vertebrae. The SpineJack is designed to correct vertebral height, preventing the vertebral body from collapsing again. If left untreated, compression fractures can be life-limiting and leave patients bedridden, the hospital said.

The outpatient procedure is a noninvasive method that uses image guidance to restore the shape of the vertebrae, reducing pain and the risk of additional fractures. A small needle is inserted into the bone and a metal device is implanted to restore height and shape. Patients who undergo the procedure can feel better in as little as an hour and, following physical therapy, can expect to return to their normal level of activity, according to the hospital.

“The minimally invasive procedure only takes about 30 minutes and has been shown to significantly improve patients’ quality of life,” said Dr. Brian Stainken, chair and medical director, Department of Radiology, Stamford Health. “We are extremely proud to be the first hospital in the state and one of only a dozen or so to be making such an advanced treatment option available to our patients.”

SpineJack is also well-suited for patients who have a history of osteoporosis or are at risk for developing it, have suffered from a compression fracture or have experienced trauma to the spine, he said.

At Stamford Health, the SpineJack procedure is conducted by Todd Miller and Bryan Lazzara, two of only a few credentialed providers in the nation.

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