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Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers debuts 401(k) Champion Awards


It may not have the gravitas of the Nobel Prize or the razzmatazz of the Academy Awards, but Stamford-based Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers Inc. is seeking to honor advocates of retirement savings plans with the first annual 401(k) Champion Awards.

jackson grant 401kNominations now being sought for this new award competition, which is open for anyone over the age of 21 who participates in a 401(k) program. The award winners will be judged for their essay-length response to the question “If you were to advise co-workers on why they should participate in (and/or maximize) their 401(k)s, what would you say?” Nominations will be accepted via an online form through March 31 and three cash awards of $1,000 each will be presented in April.

“The best time to invest for retirement is when you are young,” said Julie Jason, founder of Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers and syndicated wealth management columnist “The best vehicle is your 401(k). If you don’t put these two points together, you lose time, compounding, leverage, and opportunity – and at the end of a career, you can find yourself regretting that you didn’t start to save through your 401(k) early enough.”

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