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Medical director of Greenwich nursing home fined for overprescribing opioids


Connecticut’s Medical Examining Board has levied a $3,000 fine against Francis X. Walsh,

Francis X. Walsh. Photo courtesy Nathaniel Witherell.

medical director at the Nathaniel Witherell nursing home in Greenwich for excessive prescribing of opioids in 2015 and 2016.

According to a Connecticut Health I-Team report, the board also placed Walsh’s medical license on probation for six months and ordered him to take courses in medical documentation and controlled substance prescribing. The board determined that Walsh failed to properly document that he had examined his patients and did not offer justification for prescribing “potentially dangerous dosing and combinations of medications.”

Although Walsh is still allowed to prescribe drugs at Nathaniel Witherell, he has surrendered his state registration to prescribe controlled substances beyond the nursing home and he must hire a doctor to review his office practice.

“The health and safety of our residents is our first priority at The Nathaniel Witherell, and we maintain strict oversight of all medications prescribed, said Allen Brown, executive director of the nursing home. “The sanction imposed for 2015-2016 relates to Dr. Walsh’s private practice, not his work at the Witherell. The Nathaniel Witherell has both a Pharmacy Consultant and a Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee that reviews all prescribed medications to ensure that our medical practices are consistent with industry standards. Dr. Walsh remains a trusted and valued member of our medical team, and is beloved by patients and families alike for the high-quality care he provides.” 
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  1. Dr. Walsh is an honest and caring professional who has dedicated his life to helping others. On two separate weekend occasions, I was ill and he came into his office on a Sunday to meet and treat me.
    No one, absolutely no one is willing to do that.

    He shouldn’t be fined, he should be given a medal. It’s a shame that he is being reflected on so poorly. I guess this is what you get for helping people.


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