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CT Department of Public Health aims to cut HIV to zero


The Connecticut Department of Public Health has issued a report for implementing a Getting to Zero (G2Z) campaign to establish zero-levels of new HIV infections, HIV-related deaths and HIV-related stigma and discrimination across the state.

HIV Department of Public HealthThe report calls for an increased level G2Z activities – which will focus on education, testing and training related to HIV treatments – on both a statewide level and in five cities with the highest number of people living with HIV: Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, New Haven and Waterbury.
According to the Public Health Department, about 50 percent of HIV cases recorded in Connecticut in 2016 involved men having sex with men. Black females in Connecticut are living with HIV at a rate approximately 12 times that of white females, with 1 out of every 48 black women at risk for contracting HIV during their lifetime.

“Based on the recommendations and work of the G2Z Commission, the G2Z campaign will focus more intently on impacted populations through the reframing of current thinking on HIV and retooling of strategies to curb HIV, with the goal being the elimination of new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and elimination of the stigma and discrimination suffered by people living with HIV/AIDS,” said DPH Commissioner Raul Pino.

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