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Frontier Communications debuts gigabit service


Frontier Communications is now offering a gigabit service in its FiOS and Vantage Fiber markets.

The Norwalk-headquartered Frontier will provide the gigabit service in Connecticut through its Vantage Fiber product line. Vantage Fiber is also available in North Carolina and Minnesota, while the FiOS service is provided in Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Indiana and the Tampa and Dallas metro areas.

“Two-way speeds over our all-fiber network make internet tasks faster and more efficient, regardless of the time of day, while also enabling the many connected devices and streaming services in the home to work simultaneously and smoothly,” said John Maduri, Frontier’s executive vice president and chief customer officer.

Frontier also debuted its Wi-Fi EveryWare program, which the company said would address some of the challenges Wi-Fi users encounter in their home coverage. Wi-Fi EveryWare includes a signal strength analysis to provide a better guide to technical support for any Wi-Fi issues that might arise, the company said.

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