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Shelton P&Z asks Chick-fil-A to rethink proposed restaurant


Shelton Planning and Zoning Commission members have asked Chick-fil-A to rethink the design of its proposed restaurant at 801 Bridgeport Ave.

At issue for the P&Z is the façade of the restaurant, part of a planned nine-building development called Fountain Square LLC. Several commission members maintained that the design was not visually appealing and, therefore, would not serve as a lure for Fountain Square shoppers, as intended.

Plans are for Fountain Square to include three restaurants, a Marriott Residence Inn and 31,000 square feet composed of retail, a bank, office space, a coffee shop and a pharmacy. A small park is also planned for the center of the project. Plans further call for a traffic light to be erected at the intersection of Parrot Drive and Bridgeport Avenue.

Fountain Square developers said they would huddle with Chick-fil-A about possibly altering its design, though they cautioned that getting national retailers – which usually employ what is essentially the same model for all their stores – to agree to such changes can be difficult.

This is the second time in the last few weeks that Chick-fil-A has run into problems with plans to add more Fairfield County locations. In August, the Georgia-based chain withdrew its proposal for a restaurant with a drive-through in Stamford’s Bull’s Head neighborhood in the face of public opposition.

Presently, the chicken chain operates restaurants in Brookfield, Danbury and Norwalk.

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