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Pitney Bowes offers data for online purchase

pitney bowes taxPitney Bowes Inc. is now offering licenses to more than 1,500 geography-specific datasets for self-service online purchasing through its Pitney Bowes Software and Data Marketplace.

According to the Stamford-headquartered company, the datasets now available for purchase include Addressing, World Streets, World Boundaries, World Points of Interest, Property Attributes, World Demographics and GeoEnrichment. Users can select data for specific regions, identify preferred file formats and select the license service terms that match their organizational needs. Software Development Kits are available with each dataset download that will provide automatic updates on the information being purchased.

“When we launched our Data business almost two years ago, we saw an opportunity to apply nearly a hundred years of experience processing names and addresses for the betterment of business professionals,” said Bob Guidotti, executive vice president and president of Pitney Bowes Software. “Our clients and partners validated this belief, who found that vetting and contracting data suppliers is time consuming and difficult – and that’s only the beginning of the challenges professionals face when sourcing data. Intake, quality control, modifying and ingesting data, applying updates, assuring interoperability and providing controlled access to internal data users is tedious, requires expertise and is expensive. The Software and Data Marketplace will ease that pain for users, while also providing a new revenue stream for Pitney Bowes that will allow us to continuously invest in this growth business. It’s a win-win for everyone.”


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