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The Negg creators gain injunction to halt alleged Chinese counterfeiters

Sheila Torgan and Bonnie Tyler, co-creators of The Negg. Photo by Phil Hall.

Airigan Solutions LLC, the Southport-based creator of The Negg kitchen appliance for peeling hard-boiled eggs, has secured a preliminary injunction against China’s Yiwu Lanhome Jewelry Co. Ltd. to prohibit the manufacturing and selling of alleged counterfeit goods based on Airigan’s patented product.

The Pittsburgh-based intellectual property law firm Ference & Associates represented Airigan in a civil action in the U.S. District Court. The injunction also prohibits Amazon, the Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba and other online stores and payment systems from providing services to the defendants’ user accounts, as well as any activity with the defendants’ financial accounts with these companies pending the outcome of the litigation.

“We worked hard for a long time to develop a superior product for our customers and to obtain the appropriate patent and trademark protection,” said Sheila Torgan, co-creater/maker of The Negg product. “We are happy that we will have the opportunity to present our case and stop counterfeit versions of The Negg from being sold.”

“We are pleased that the court granted equitable relief so that we can adequately litigate the claims against the defendants,” said Stanley Ference, the lead attorney representing Airigan. “We look forward to an expedited discovery process and the opportunity to try the case on our client’s behalf.”

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  1. Yea we bought 3 to resale and now they want 5000 from us. We had no idea they were counterfeit. We only do ebay as a way to get money to maybe take our 6 kids out once in a while. Lucky if we make 1000 in a month. Thanks for shutting down my children’s business that only been up for 6 months. Hope you feel proud of yourself


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