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Harman named the official sound of The Palace Theatre

Harman’s modern sound has helped attract top talent to The Palace, including legendary band Chicago. Photo credit: Happyhaha at Wahstudio.

Harman International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is bringing modern lighting and sound to The Palace Theatre in Stamford. The historic venue will receive state-of-the-art Martin lighting and additional JBL audio equipment, building on multiyear financial and in-kind donations that the company has made in the past.

“Most of our stage lighting currently consist of older technology incandescent fixtures — not the LEDs or moving lights required by most touring shows today,” said Michael Moran, executive director of The Palace. “We are incredibly grateful to Harman for their continued generosity and commitment to bring a new level of lighting and sound quality to our historic venue.

“Harman has shown their philanthropic nature and unwavering support of the arts since our relationship with them began back in 2012. At the time, we were renting audio equipment for every performance. From our first meeting, Harman knew the impact they could make. They supplied the technicians needed to determine what products would be best suited to our venue,” said Moran.

The Palace negotiated a five-year naming of the stage to be called The Harman Stage in exchange for Harman’s 2012 donation. Valued at nearly $700,000, the gift consisted of state-of-the-art JBL, Sound Craft and AKG equipment as well as funds to cover a rebranding initiative. 

“Harman is very proud to continue our relationship with The Palace, which has become such a valuable and special cultural center for those of us in Stamford and beyond,” said Dinesh C. Paliwal, president and CEO of Harman, which is headquartered in Stamford. 

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