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Study: Connecticut workers take advantage of vacation days


When it comes to choosing between taking a holiday from the job or leaving vacation days unused, Connecticut workers overwhelmingly prefer leisure to labor.

According to a new study released by Project: Time Off, Connecticut ranks fourth among the states in the number of vacation days used. Connecticut’s workforce averaged 18.6 days for their vacation activities out of the 24.2 days earned. Connecticut residents used 40 percent of their vacation time traveling, averaging 7.5 days in transit to and from a vacation destination.

And perhaps taking some time off isn’t such a bad thing. The survey also found 49 percent of Connecticut respondents were happy with their jobs, and 71 percent admitted being stressed with their working lives.

“Our studies have shown that employees who use their vacation days for travel are significantly happier than the ones who spend their days off close to home, and that holds true at the state level, too,” said Project: Time Off Vice President Katie Denis.

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