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Apples for teachers

The computers donated to the Pelham Art Center are now up and running.

It used to be a nice gesture when a young student brought an apple for the teacher. Now, teachers of graphics, photography, video and more at the Pelham Art Center (PAC) will benefit from the gift of a bushel of Apples – computers, that is. The art center’s media lab has received 10 upgraded Apple iMac computers running current software as a donation from the Horace Mann School’s Upper Division (high school). Students as well as teachers in the center’s media arts classes will have access to the machines. 

The Horace Mann School has its main campus on 18 acres in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. 

Charlotte Mouquin, executive director of the art center, told the Business Journal that the computers are 2014 models with upgraded software that were no longer needed by Horace Mann when its Upper Division got new computers. She said the iMac’s have been installed and tested and represent a substantial upgrade in computing power for the media lab.

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