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A.G. Williams Painting renovates Greek Orthodox church in Stamford

From left: Nick Williams, George Williams Jr, Father Harry Pappas and George Williams.

George Williams, the president and CEO of A.G Williams Painting Co. in Pelham, New York, and Greenwich, took a special interest in Father Harry Pappas of Archangels Church in Stamford after hearing him preach and teach while assisting part time in the church Williams attended in New Rochelle, New York.

Because of his high regard for Pappas and his own desire to give back to the community, Williams offered the services of his painting company to Pappas whenever needed. Sure enough, the church, built in 1958, was in need of repair.

Williams provided all labor (at one point involving 12 to 15 men), supplies and material to paint the entire interior, which involved a high dome, curved walls, a balcony, resurfacing part of the wall in the altar area, some wood trim and a variety of other repairs.

“Everyone on our team at A.G. Williams understands the importance of giving back to the community in the towns where we live and worship,” Williams said. “Father Pappas and the Archangels Church have done wonderful work in the community in Stamford and we are only too happy to offer our help in keeping the church up to date and in excellent condition.”

“Our community publicly and enthusiastically recognized and thanked George and his family for such generous and extraordinary benefaction,” said Pappas.

A.G. Williams Painting Co. Inc. is a fourth-generation family-owned-and -operated residential and commercial painting firm founded in 1906 by Arthur George Williams.

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