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Gov. Malloy signs executive order implementing State Water Plan

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed an executive order directing the Water Planning Council to implement the first-ever State Water Plan.

Photo courtesy of the governor’s office.

The plan, which was ordered by the General Assembly through Public Act 14-163, is designed to create a balance between public water supply, economic development, recreation and conservation. The executive order also requires that the WPC resubmit the State Water Plan to the General Assembly for its review and approval by Dec. 1; the plan requires review and approval by the state legislature, but the legislative session concluded without any sign-off by legislators.

“The State Water Plan is a critically important initiative that puts the needs of Connecticut families ahead of the commercial interests of private water utility companies and big businesses,” Malloy said in a statement. “We should all be able to agree that water is a precious resource that should be protected for the public’s interest and safeguarded for future generations in the event of emergencies. Today’s executive order does just that, ensuring that we waste no time safeguarding our clean water supply.”


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