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Yonkers city budget avoids layoffs, raises taxes


The City of Yonkers on Wednesday night adopted its $1.19 billion budget, one that includes $8.8 million in additional state aid and avoids any layoffs.

Photo courtesy of the City of Yonkers website.

The 2017-2019 budget also includes a 6.2 percent property tax hike. According to the city, that hike would increase the annual property tax bill for a typical one- to three-family home by $560.

City officials said in a statement there would be no cuts in essential city services. Additionally, the budget eliminates most vacant positions and includes increased funding to the Yonkers School District.

The budget, adopted by a 7-0 vote, also includes a $5 million appropriation of specialized aid by the New York State Financial Restructuring Board for Local Governments.

“Clearly this year’s budget is a tough one, but by working together with our state and local leaders, we closed the gap, avoiding any layoffs and cuts to the quality of life of our residents,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano in a statement.

The budget’s adoption follows weeks of budget hearings and meetings. Previously, Spano had proposed a 1.64 percent property tax hike and 182 layoffs across 18 departments.

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  1. Once again taxpayers must bear the burden of bureaucratic inefficiency. More people and businesses will leave Yonkers, as the city follows the path of slow self-destruction that so many Democrat-run city governments. I am sure we will see the same kind of tax increases from the County Supervisor.

  2. I as a home owner, am furious with this agreement/arrangement by the Yonkers City Government. Again, we tax payers “SHOULDER” the weight. Why doesn’t the City Discontinue SCHOOL BUSES. Neighborhood Schools should have been reinstated years ago. I sure do hope that the MATH WITH THIS BUDGET WAS DOUBLED CHECKED. We sure don’t want a $50 million error. RIGHT!!

  3. This is totally insane!!! The schools are the worst in Westchester, the roads are terrible, some neighborhoods are infested with deer and we are talking about “essential city services”. I would resign from my post if I were Mr. Mike Spano. He is a shame.

  4. Those unions are receiving a pay raise they’ve waited 10 years for. Why not throw out all contracts and let the city pay only what they can afford. SNAP Out of it. Poor fiscal planning can’t be blamed on blue collar employees that have waited 4 years for retro pay and delayed salary increases until the end of a 10 year contract to give the city time to get it’s act together. Maybe they need another couple of years to get it together.
    Maybe we should stop giving the store away to Multi -Millionaire developers like STEW LEONARD, MACK-CALI, HILTON,HAMPTON SUITES and every other company with multi year tax free status. Or how about collecting the 3% transfer tax FOR THE SALE OF YONKERS RACEWAY. 800 MILLION MULTIPLIED BY 3% IS 24 MILLION DOLLARS THE CITY HAS CHOSEN NOT TO COLLECT.(THE SAME ONE I WILL ACTUALLY BE FORCED PAY WHEN I SELL MY YONKERS HOME AND PAY OVER $10,000)


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