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Gov. Malloy signs pay equity bill into law

Photo courtesy of the governor’s office

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed legislation designed to prevent wage discrimination and close the pay gaps based on gender and race.

The legislation, formally known as An Act Concerning Pay Equity, passed the State House of Representatives by 142-4 in April and the Senate by 35-1 earlier this month.

Under this new law, employers cannot directly ask an employee about previous salary history, and employers cannot forbid an employee from inquiring about the wages of employees within the same company or organization.

Supporters of the bill claim that it will help women close the wage disparity gap by focusing on skills and qualifications rather than what they earned in previous jobs, while Malloy stressed the bill also serves as a vehicle to prevent wage inequity based on race.

“Even as they work harder and harder, the pay gap between men and women who are doing the same job continues to grow – particularly among women of color, and that is completely unacceptable,” Malloy said. “Our work to make sure that women and people of color are paid equally for their work must continue every year in the legislature and every day as we work toward a culture of equality.”

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