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Business Council appoints co-chairs to Not-For-Profit Council

Susan Fox, Leslie Gordon
Susan Fox

The Business Council of Westchester appointed Susan Fox, president and CEO of the Westchester Institute for Human Development and Leslie Gordon, president and CEO of Feeding Westchester, as co-chairs of the Not-for-Profit Council.

The Not-For-Profit Council is comprised of members of nonprofit organizations and meets quarterly to address issues, develop partnerships and highlight the economic contributions of the nonprofit community.

“We are honored to have such distinguished leaders from the not-for-profit community to chair our Not-For-Profit Council,” said Business Council president and CEO Marsha Gordon.

Fox joined Westchester Institute for Human Development as president and CEO in 2016. She previously served as associate director and clinical assistant professor at the Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire.

Leslie Gordon

Gordon joined Feeding Westchester in 2017. Prior to joining the organization, Gordon served as an executive at City Harvest.

“They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields,” Gordon said.

The Council’s former chai Ric Swierat, executive director of Westchester Arc, will step down after 16 years in his position.

“Ric has made invaluable contributions to the council,” Gordon said. He spearheaded the very first study of the economic impact of non-for-profits in Westchester. He also educated colleagues on good governance, strategic partnerships and employment issues. He always stressed that the not-for-profits were economic contributors to the county and the business community.”



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