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Equity Push: CT House overwhelmingly passes bill banning questions about salary history


Connecticut’s House of Representatives has voted 142-4 in favor of legislation aimed at preventing unintended pay discrimination in the state.

Under the bill, employers would be prohibited from asking about a prospective candidate’s previous salary history until an offer of employment with compensation has been made. “People deserve equal pay for equal work – it’s that simple,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said. “This is an issue of fundamental economic fairness that hurts families and leads to greater societal inequities for women and people of color.”

“Addressing wage discrimination is an economic imperative, and it’s the right thing to do,” added Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman. “Right out of college, women face wage inequity, and that gap continues to widen over the course of a woman’s career. Salaries shouldn’t reflect the gender of the talent – this legislation helps move us in that direction.”

The bill now moves to the Senate. If passed, it would make Connecticut the fifth state to enact such legislation.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association worked with lawmakers to tailor a bill that would increase equity and also be fair to employers. The CBIA said in a statement, “While this is a significant change to the hiring process in Connecticut, employers understand the need to address this issue and are willing to do their part. This bill will make pay equity more attainable, while minimally impacting the ability of Connecticut companies to compete.”

The CBI added that it expects to continue “working with legislators on other issues that impact the business community, job creation, and economic growth.”

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