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Developers submit proposals for Connecticut offshore wind power

A recent request for proposals for a Connecticut offshore wind project has resulted in a pair of offers from rival energy developers.

Deepwater Wind is proposing to supply 200 MW in offshore wind from its 400 MW Revolution Wind project in the Atlantic Ocean. In a proposal called Revolution Wind, a wind farm generating up to 400 MW of renewable energy would be constructed on a federal lease site between Montauk and Martha’s Vineyard. Deepwater is the developer of the first U.S. offshore wind farm, the 30 MW Block Island project, and it is also working on the 90-MW South Fork wind project off Long Island.

Courtesy of National Renewable Energy Lab

“We’re ready to put Connecticut on the map when it comes to offshore wind,” Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski said.

Another proposal was submitted by Eversource Energy in partnership with the Danish company Ørsted A/S, for a 200 MW project 65 miles off the coast of New London. This project, dubbed Constitution Wind, would be built in the same lease area where the companies will be building the 800 MW Bay State Wind offshore wind farm.

The Bay State Wind project has been approved to generate power for the Massachusetts energy grid.

“We are confident that Constitution Wind represents Connecticut’s strongest opportunity to meet its clean energy goals and become a national leader in offshore wind,” Eversource Vice President of Business Development Mike Auseré said.


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