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ICR gets investment from Bahrainian firm

Tom Ryan, CEO of ICR

Investcorp, a Bahrainian provider and manager of alternative investment products that serves high-net worth private and institutional clients, has made an unspecified investment in ICR. Corporate officials said the investment will help both companies manage credibility and reputational risk to optimize shareholder value.

Under the agreement’s terms, Investcorp is partnering with ICR, whose senior team will retain a significant ownership stake in the company. The new partnership will focus on accelerating ICR’s organic growth, identifying complementary acquisitions and expanding the business globally.

ICR has 186 team members and works with more than 550 clients across its five offices in the U.S. and China. The company is headquartered in New York City, but maintains a large office in Norwalk, CT.

“For the past 20 years, we have successfully grown our business by creating true partnerships with our clients and advising them when the stakes are the highest,” ICR Co-Founder and CEO Tom Ryan said. “In today’s world, this is becoming even more important given the adverse consequences associated with poor stakeholder communications.

“That said,” Ryan continued, “this environment has created new opportunities for ICR to expand its services and reach as well as elevate the standards of client engagement. We are thrilled to partner with Investcorp on these efforts, which in turn will help us better serve our clients and the dynamic challenges they face each day.”


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